(14) Arabian Horse Medallion











Thoroughbred Walking Stick
Special Order:
Bronze or Sterling Silver
Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition
Lost Wax, Hand Cast
Choice of Wood
Choice of Patina
Sterling Silver/Bronze Tip (Not Shown)
Customized Length to Fit
12 Weeks for Finishing




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3480 Schoharie Turnpike
Earlton, NY 12058
Tel: 518-634-7488

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The beauty of a gorgeous object
is that
there is no end to its utility. Take your stick
with you to the races, or to dinner and
the theater. Walk in the country, or sit by
the hearth and enjoy the glow of the firelight.
There is hardly a thing that wouldn’t be made
better with the Sport of Kings Walking Stick.
Designed by the Artist In Memory Of:
Man o’ War, Son of Fair Play
Premier Racer and Stallion of the Twentieth Century